What Documents To Bring?

IMPORTANT: MANY Clients THIS YEAR are still NEW to Me. ALSO, IF you had a change in your DRIVER’s LICENSE I will need to get a new copy of that for the file.

Suitable ID is Necessary. Thank you for your understanding.

What DOCUMENTS to Bring_Part#1_ID_

Additional Documents:

W-2’s: for EACH Job Held in 2021, for EACH person in the Household to be on the Return.

1098’s: for School Loans Interest, Mortgage Interest and Property Tax payments.

1099’s: showing ANY other Income: CONTRACTOR, Unemployment, Social Security, Health Care reimbursement, State Tax Refund(s), Gambling Winnings, or Subcontractor work, Interest, Dividends, or Real Estate Proceeds.

1095-A, B, or C: for Proof of Healthcare Insurance especially if your Health Insurance is from the Marketplace and you received a subsidy.

Income/Interest Statements: received for any Savings or Investment accounts.

Bank Account Numbers: Bring your checkbook or letter from your Bank OR equivalent information from your PHONE access to your Bank ROUTING & ACCOUNT Number for use for your Refund Direct Deposit.  I HIGHLY recommend using this opportunity, even for payments. Many of those who did not, last year, had serious problems.

Copy of LAST YEAR’s Completed Tax Return

Business Expenses: Self-employed Expense Receipts and Mileage totals for any vehicle used for business use.

Charitable Donations: list of contributions with receipts and/or statement of totals. Even with using the Standard Deduction, EACH Taxpayer is entitled to a $300 Chartible Credit. ($600 for MFJ)

Childcare Expenses: Name of DAYCARE facility, Full physical address, phone#, Federal Tax ID# or Social Security # of Child Care Provider and ‘proof of payment’ statement for full year.

College Forms: College Statement and Receipts for ALL College Education expenses, including 1098-T/1098-E.

Educator Expenses: “out-of-pocket” supply receipts for each teacher and/or aide, for grades K-12.

Homeowners information: Form 1098 Mortgage Interest statement and all Real Estate Taxes paid in 2021.

Medical Expenses: Doctor, Pharmacy, Hospital, Chiropractor, Medical mileage, & all INSURANCE payments.

Retirement/IRA Information: 2021 proof of contribution or withdrawals. NEED year-end statement, as well.

INVESTMENT Account Information: Copy of ALL Investment company annual report(s) of your investments; including 1099-DIV’s 1099 INT’s.

PENNSYLVANIA Property Tax/Rent Rebate information: You will need PA 1000 RC form from your landlord or proof of rent paid for the year, or a paid STAMPED copy of your property taxes. Benefits are eligible to Pennsylvanians age 65 or older; widowers age 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older. The current annual income limit, for homeowners, is $35,000 and $15,000 for renters. 50% of Social Security income IS NOT INCLUDED for the determination.